Equality Gap Persists In Kidney Transplants Between Black And White Patients

A recent study published in JAMA Network Open highlights the lack of improvement in racial equity in living donor kidney transplants (LDKT) between Black and White patients with kidney failure. The study, conducted by researchers from Duke University School of Medicine, examined data from an 11-year period and found no substantial improvement in the observed or adjusted Black-white mean LDKT rate ratios (RRs). Despite accounting for center and population characteristics, the study revealed persistent disparities between Black and White individuals, with yearly RRs ranging from 0.0557 in 2008 to 0.771 in 2018.

The researchers also conducted model-based estimations to determine potential improvement scenarios. These estimations showed little change in the minimum RR but a slight positive change in the maximum RR. In 2018, the hypothetical model projected a significant increase in LDKTs for both Black and White patients. However, achieving racial equity in LDKTs will require tailored interventions and goal setting based on center-specific barriers, according to the authors. The study emphasizes the importance of identifying and addressing factors that contribute to disparities in living donor kidney transplants.

This research sheds light on the ongoing challenges faced by Black patients in accessing living donor kidney transplants, highlighting the need for targeted interventions and measures to eliminate racial disparities in organ transplantation. The findings underscore the importance of addressing center-level factors and referral region conditions to achieve racial equity in LDKTs. By identifying and addressing these barriers, healthcare providers and policymakers can work towards making organ transplantation more equitable and accessible for all patients.

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