Elkton resident in urgent need of liver transplant seeks donor

An Elkton man, Dustin Lawson, is desperately in need of a liver transplant. The 31-year-old was diagnosed with Portal Hypertension Liver Disease three months ago. The illness has severely impacted Dustin and his family, forcing him to quit his job as a volunteer firefighter and undergo numerous doctor’s appointments. Dustin’s father, Darrell Lawson, expressed the family’s desire for him to receive a transplant so he can be there for his young son, Colton, and watch him grow up.

Dustin’s parents are now appealing to the community for help in finding a suitable liver donor. Doctors are searching for an individual with either type A or type O blood. The family is also hoping for a living donor who could provide a life-saving transplant for Dustin. These past few months have been incredibly difficult for Dustin’s parents as they anxiously wait for a donor to come forward. Anyone interested in helping can reach out directly to the Lawson family or visit the University of Virginia Health System website to determine if they might be a compatible donor.

The stress and strain on the family have been overwhelming, and they are eager to find a solution for Dustin’s condition. They appreciate any support the community can provide and are hoping for a successful donor match soon.

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