Duluth Family Desperate to Fund Life-Saving Heart Transplant for Daughter

Roya Snyder, a first-grader at Lester Park Elementary in Duluth, Minnesota, is facing a significant health challenge. Five months ago, she was diagnosed with mixed-type congenital cardiomyopathy, a rare and severe heart condition that requires a heart transplant. Roya’s parents, Mya and Derek Snyder, have become her “at-home nurses,” providing round-the-clock care and making regular trips to the Mayo Clinic, which offers the best medical treatment for her condition. Despite the hardships, Roya’s parents and the community around them remain hopeful and grateful for the support they have received.

In addition to Roya’s medical journey, the Mayo Clinic has taken the initiative to educate her classmates about her condition. The hospital recently spent nearly an hour explaining cardiomyopathy to the six and seven-year-olds, ensuring they understood Roya’s condition and the purpose of her shiny little backpack, which administers a crucial infusion drug. Roya’s first-grade teacher, Stefanie Wolff, has observed her students showing support and empathy for Roya, which has touched her deeply. Despite the challenges, Roya’s family remains optimistic and appreciative of the generosity and kindness they have received from their community.

For those interested in helping Roya in her journey to receive a heart transplant, donations can be made through the Children’s Organ Transplant Association website.

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