Dubai’s First Liver Transplant Patient Saved by an Anonymous Donor – News

Ukrainian housemaker, Nadiia Musiuk, has expressed her gratitude towards the anonymous heroes who saved her life by donating a liver for her recent transplant at King’s College Hospital in Dubai. Nadiia had been experiencing health issues, including digestive problems and swollen feet, and sought medical advice. Initially, she was advised to make dietary adjustments, but her condition worsened, leading to a diagnosis of liver disease. Despite receiving treatment, her health deteriorated, and she was eventually informed that a liver transplant was the only option. Nadiia and her medical team explored options abroad but found hope in a liver transplant program in Dubai. She underwent the successful surgery in November and is currently on the path to recovery.

Nadiia emphasizes the importance of organ donation awareness in the Middle East, stating that many people are in need of organs but they are often not available. She hopes her experience will encourage others to consider organ donation. Nadiia also expresses her deepest gratitude to the anonymous donor’s family and prays for their well-being, believing that they have saved humanity by saving her life.

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