Dhr Health To Include Liver Transplants In Services Offered

DHR Health, a hospital in the Rio Grande Valley, has announced that it will soon offer liver transplants to patients in the area. Currently, there are nearly 1,400 people on the waiting list for a liver transplant in the Valley, forcing them to travel outside the region for the procedure. However, DHR Health has been working for the past three years to bring liver transplants to the area and plans to start performing the procedure later this year. The hospital is now waiting for final approval from the United Network for Organ Sharing, the organization that regulates and manages the U.S. organ transplant system, before proceeding with at least 30 to 60 transplants per year.

This development is significant for the Rio Grande Valley, as it provides a life-saving procedure that was previously inaccessible to patients in the region. By offering liver transplants locally, DHR Health aims to alleviate the burden on individuals needing the procedure, eliminating the need to travel long distances. The hospital has been proactive in assembling an experienced team and awaiting approval to ensure the success and safety of liver transplants. This expansion of services will likely have a positive impact on the healthcare landscape of the Rio Grande Valley, with potential implications for improved patient outcomes and increased access to specialized medical care.

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