Desperate San Angelo Family Seeks Funds For Urgent Liver Transplant

San Angelo resident Emily Smith, 24, is currently battling stage four liver failure and is in desperate need of a transplant. Under the care of Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant in San Antonio, Smith’s tests and scans have shown that her liver is failing while the rest of her body remains healthy. However, approval from insurance and eligibility for the transplant are still pending, and the hospital requires $300,000 before the life-saving surgery can take place. Time is of the essence as Smith must have the surgery within the next month to regain a happy and normal life. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help raise the necessary funds.

Emily Smith’s situation has prompted her family and friends to rally together and seek financial assistance to cover the substantial medical costs. The GoFundMe campaign urges people to contribute to her cause and share the campaign with others, emphasizing that even sharing the page can make a difference. The goal is to reach the required amount before Smith’s condition worsens. To date, the GoFundMe page has raised a considerable amount, but more support is still needed. Anyone interested in supporting Emily Smith’s battle against liver failure can visit the GoFundMe page for more information and to make a donation.

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