Delhi Hospital Successfully Performs Kidney Transplant Across Incompatible Blood Types

Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi successfully performed a groundbreaking kidney transplant on February 6, where both the donor and recipient had different blood groups, according to a statement released by the hospital. The transplant involved a 28-year-old woman with AB positive blood group donating her kidney to her 43-year-old husband, whose blood group was B positive. Despite the unique challenge of potential rejection due to antibodies in the husband’s body, a process of desensitization was carried out to decrease the levels of antibodies and ensure a successful transplant. The patient’s kidney parameters returned to normal by the second day after the operation, and they were discharged without any complications. Dr. Pawan Vasudeva, the head of Urology, emphasized the crucial support and encouragement from the hospital’s medical superintendent and principal in making this achievement possible.

This groundbreaking procedure offers hope for individuals with different blood groups who require kidney transplants. With the successful outcome of this transplant, Safdarjung Hospital has demonstrated the potential for expanding the pool of potential donors and recipients. Dr. Vandana Chakravarty, the additional medical superintendent in charge of organ transplantation at the hospital, highlighted the significance of this achievement and the diligent efforts of the transplant team. This breakthrough could potentially revolutionize the field of organ transplantation and open new possibilities for patients who previously faced limited options due to incompatible blood types. The success of this surgery reflects the expertise and innovation of the medical professionals at Safdarjung Hospital in overcoming complex challenges and improving patient outcomes.

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