Courageous 8-Year-Old’S Desperate Plea For Life-Saving Heart Transplant

Catarina, an eight-year-old girl from an undisclosed location, is in desperate need of a heart transplant. Born with a heart problem and given only a five percent chance of survival at birth, Catarina has defied the odds and become an inspirational figure. However, finding a compatible heart donor for her presents a significant challenge due to the unique circumstances of her condition. Despite her health struggles, Catarina is described as a lovable, kind, and cheerful girl who brings joy to her family and friends.

Catarina’s mother, Rita, and her sister, Eva, along with a circle of supporters, have been unwavering in their love and care for her. Yet, time is running out for Catarina. Without a heart transplant, doctors estimate that she may have just five more years to live. In response to this urgent situation, a JustGiving fundraiser has been set up to help Catarina and her family create lasting memories together. The campaign aims to raise £20,000, with the current total standing at £2,005. The fundraiser not only supports Catarina but also sends a message of unity, compassion, and love.

Those wanting to contribute to Catarina’s cause can visit the JustGiving page at With each donation, supporters can bring Catarina and her family one step closer to their goal while providing hope and happiness during this challenging time.

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