Change the Narrative on Organ Donation, Shift the Culture


The Association of Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT) and Donate Life America both had conferences in October where organ donation professionals talked about the need to create a “culture of organ donation” to save more lives.

Hollywood is the most powerful way to change the narrative around organ donation, from fear and distrust…to hope, love and transformation. It is through partnerships with Hollywood that we can shift the culture and save more lives.


The first three minutes of the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere were a PSA for organ donation! The episode went on to show brain death testing and humanized the donation experience.

Please read and share the Grey’s Anatomy Review so your followers get the full picture of the organ donation process.

RESOURCES FOR WRITERS provides organ donation and transplant resources for writers tackling a transplant storyline. Already this season we have consulted with several shows. At the end of one consultation our DLH Medical Expert said to the writing team, “it’s so important that you get it right to help save lives” and the writer responded, “we’re trying!”

Please share with the writers in your life!

Contact us for a free consultation from our Real Life Experts and Medical Experts or look online for Real Life Stories, Myths and Terminology, Storyline Ideas and The Rule of Three, three simple things to keep in mind when you are writing about organ donation.


Filmmaker Emily Driscoll created the lovely documentary “The Gift: Donating a Kidney to a Stranger” about altruistic living donation, which won Best Professional Documentary Short at the The Raw Science Film Festival.


We are asking networks and writers to let us know when they have an upcoming donation and transplant storylines so we can send that information to donor families and transplant recipients across the country through the Activate App.

We create a Rapid RESPONSE and at the touch of a button Activate App users amplify social media messaging about transplant episodes. If you see something, please say something! Use the Activate App to let us know about a storyline you have seen to help us create a Rapid RESPONSE.


Recently one OPO leader told me, “we are out here hitting singles, but Hollywood can hit home runs.” We know that Hollywood’s storytelling about our cause can either inspire people to become donors, or make them double down on distrust.

We are able to work with the entertainment industry through funding from the OneLegacy Foundation and our amazing Partners, organizations from across the country that help facilitate the donation and transplant process.. We ask that you join us as a 2023 Partner.

We also have opportunities for individual contributions. Simply select “Individual” and choose a giving level that works for you.

As we head toward Giving Tuesday consider making a financial contribution to the OneLegacy Foundation to keep up our efforts to partner with Hollywood and shift the culture around organ donation.

Tenaya Wallace

Founder, Donate Life Hollywood (DLH)
A project of the OneLegacy Foundation

CEO, Crowd Advocacy
(310) 359-3631

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