Central Hs Basketball Coach Awaits Second Kidney Transplant, Seeking A Lifesaving Gift

Providence, RI – Central High School basketball coach Mike Reed is in need of a second kidney transplant, according to a report by Sports Team 10. In 2007, Reed discovered that his kidneys had failed and that he also had cancer growing in both. After removing the cancer, Reed chose to live without kidneys, relying on dialysis until he could find a donor. However, in 2022, he learned that his kidney was failing again, leading him back to regular dialysis treatments.

Despite his health challenges, Reed has remained dedicated to coaching the Central Knights basketball team. He uses his time on dialysis to plan practices and watch game film on his phone. Reed finds solace and purpose in coaching, as it allows him to temporarily forget about his illness. He advises others going through similar challenges to find their own passions and maintain a sense of purpose. Reed remains hopeful and trusts in the kidney transplant waitlist process and a higher power to guide him through this difficult journey.

For those interested in learning more about kidney donation, visit Lifespan.org.

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