Cancer Patient Denied Lung Transplant by Cigna: Vanderbilt’s Heartbreaking Decision

Insurance Company Reverses Decision to Deny Coverage for Double Lung Transplant

Carole Taylor, a 47-year-old mother with lung cancer, was recently denied coverage for a double lung transplant by Cigna Healthcare. However, following public outcry on social media and Taylor’s own account of the ordeal on Substack, Cigna Healthcare has now stated that they will cover the transplant. Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where Taylor was set to undergo the procedure, has reactivated her on the transplant list. However, a new pair of donor lungs will need to be identified before the transplant can take place.

The denial of coverage by Cigna Healthcare sparked outrage and highlighted the importance of insurance approval in the organ transplant process. Patients like Taylor rely on insurance to cover the costs of anti-rejection medications and follow-up care after a transplant. Without insurance coverage, these expenses are often unaffordable. Insurers typically require pre-approval for coverage before a patient can be listed on the United Network for Organ Sharing, the nonprofit organization that manages the nation’s organ transplant system.

Taylor, a teacher in Nashville, expressed her frustration with Cigna Healthcare’s denial in a post on Substack, stating that the healthcare system is “corrupt and anti-life.” She emphasized the need for insurance companies to prioritize lifesaving procedures rather than profit. Taylor’s case is significant as she is the first lung cancer patient at Vanderbilt to receive approval for a lung transplant. Previous lung transplants for lung cancer patients have been successfully performed at Northwestern University as part of a study listed on

The reversal of Cigna Healthcare’s decision brings hope to Taylor and highlights the impact of public pressure and social media in ensuring access to vital medical procedures. However, this case also raises concerns about the role of insurance companies in determining coverage for lifesaving treatments and the financial burden placed on patients without insurance support.

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