Cabot Mother and Son Grateful for Kidney Match, Life-saving Transplant

A family in Cabot, Arkansas, is expressing their gratitude this holiday season as their son, Kenneth Grantham, is set to receive a life-saving kidney transplant from his mother, Karen Wright. Grantham was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy, a non-curable kidney disease, in 2012. While he had been undergoing treatment and feeling well for years, this year his condition worsened to stage 5, necessitating a transplant. Out of the 20 friends and family members who tested to be his donor, it was ultimately his mother who was found to be a match.

The transplant surgery was delayed by several setbacks due to medical reasons, but after receiving approval a few weeks ago, the surgery is now scheduled to take place in December. Wright, who chose to become a nurse after her son’s diagnosis, didn’t think twice about being his donor, stating that it’s what a mother is supposed to do. The family is grateful to be able to celebrate the upcoming holidays together, and Grantham acknowledges that the experience has brought their family closer. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, Grantham credits his entire family for his ability to remain positive throughout this difficult time.

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