Brad Benjamin’S Urgent Search For Kidney Transplant To Save His Life

Rockford native and former professional golfer Brad Benjamin is in need of a kidney transplant, according to a recent interview. Benjamin, who once competed in the Masters and the U.S. Open, had his golf career cut short due to injuries. Now residing in Bluffton, South Carolina with his family, Benjamin is focused on his health and hopes to lead a normal life. He is urging people to consider becoming a kidney donor to help save his life.

In a Zoom interview, Benjamin spoke about his need for a kidney transplant and discussed the challenges he has faced since leaving golf. He emphasized the importance of organ donation, calling on individuals to learn more about the process and consider becoming a living donor. For those interested in becoming a kidney donor and finding out more information, a link is provided to the Living Donor Form on the MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) website. Additionally, the MUSC Living Donor Program can be contacted at (843) 792-5097 for further assistance.

Benjamin’s story serves as a reminder of the significance of organ donation and the potential impact it can have on someone’s life. By spreading awareness about the need for donors, Benjamin hopes to find a matching kidney and continue his journey towards a healthier future.

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