Baird Middle School Unites For ‘Swaggy’, Student In Urgent Liver Transplant Need

Baird Middle School is coming together to support one of their own students, James Gonzales, who is in desperate need of a liver transplant. James, affectionately known as “Swaggy,” is suffering from acute liver failure and requires immediate medical intervention. The family is hoping to find a suitable organ donor to save his life.

The school community, led by teacher Theresa Flemming, has rallied behind Swaggy. Flemming, who has known James since he was in fourth grade, started a GoFundMe campaign to help with the medical expenses associated with the transplant. The campaign has garnered significant support, with donations pouring in from both local community members and people across the country.

The situation highlights the importance of organ transplantation in saving lives and showcases the remarkable unity and support within the Baird Middle School community. The efforts to raise funds and find a suitable donor for James Gonzales prove that when a community comes together, they can make a significant impact and potentially change someone’s life.

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