Baird Middle School Shows Support For ‘Swaggy’ In Urgent Liver Transplant.

Baird Middle School in Fresno is rallying behind a beloved student known as “Swaggy” who is in desperate need of a liver transplant due to acute liver failure. Thirteen-year-old James Gonzalez, who has special needs, has captured the hearts of his friends and teachers at the school. Teacher Theresa Flemming, also known as “Miss T,” describes James as full of energy and life, saying he’s “definitely a gamer.”

In recent weeks, James has been feeling unwell and was rushed to Stanford Children’s Hospital where doctors determined he needs a liver transplant. Despite his young age, James is now considered high on the transplant list, with potential donors expected within a month. The teachers at Baird Middle School have created “Team Swaggy” shirts and wristbands to raise funds for the Gonzalez family, who are facing the financial burden of medical expenses. The family has also set up a link with the Children’s Organ Transplant Association to help with these expenses. The school community is hoping to raise a significant amount of money to support James and his family during this challenging time.

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