Baby’S Heart Transplant Unites Family In Incredible Display Of Love

CLEVELAND, OH – Angie Voisard’s joy knows no bounds as her baby girl, Bella, is finally back home. The pregnancy had been smooth sailing, just like her previous children. However, when Bella turned two months old, everything took a drastic turn. Angie noticed her daughter’s breathing was rapid and rushed her to the hospital. Doctors discovered that Bella’s heart was significantly enlarged, and all her other organs were failing simultaneously. With her condition deteriorating rapidly, Bella was transferred to Cleveland Clinic Children’s, where she met Dr. Gerard Boyle, a pediatric cardiologist. Bella was put on ECMO, a device that assists the heart and lungs. Despite this, Bella’s heart was barely functioning, and the decision was made to put her on the heart transplant list. Thanks to a suitable donor, after six months of waiting, Bella received a new heart. The surgery was successful, and Bella is now thriving. Angie attributes Bella’s remarkable recovery to the expertise of the medical team and her unwavering faith.

This heart-wrenching journey took a toll on the entire family, but Angie and her husband found solace in their faith and the support of the medical team. Dr. Boyle noted that finding a heart that matched Bella perfectly in terms of size, age, and function was a rarity and played a crucial role in the seamless surgery. Today, Bella is doing exceptionally well, much to her family’s delight. Angie expresses her gratitude for the medical team and her profound appreciation for having her daughter still by her side. This story is a testament to the miracles that can happen through medical science and the power of hope.

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