Athletic Heart Transplant Survivor In Peoria Thrives With Sporting Passion

Phoenix teenager Dylan McQueen, who received a heart transplant before his first birthday, has defied the odds and excelled in sports. Dylan, now 15 years old, competes in wrestling and track for Liberty High School in Peoria. Despite the strenuous practices, Dylan never uses his heart condition as an excuse and approaches each day with gratitude, seeing it as a gift. His dedication and achievements have impressed his coach, Eric Brenton, who describes Dylan as “what is right with sports.” Dylan’s doctor, Dr. Steve Zangwill, acknowledges that achieving this level of athletic performance after a heart transplant is uncommon but not impossible, attributing Dylan’s success to his commitment to physical development.

Dylan’s mother, Melissa McQueen, has been supportive of his athletic dreams, even though it has been challenging to watch him physically fight on the wrestling mat. Inspired by her son’s accomplishments, Melissa founded Transplant Families, a nonprofit that supports pediatric transplant recipients and their caregivers with resources, education, and advocacy opportunities. Dylan’s ultimate goal is to win a medal and bring it back to Bob Meyer, the President and CEO of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and to inspire other kids, regardless of medical conditions, to pursue their dreams and never give up.

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