Ascension St. Vincent Commemorates Milestone: 700 Heart Transplants Performed

Indianapolis-based Ascension St. Vincent Hospital is celebrating a milestone after performing its 700th heart transplant on a patient named Lisa Evans. The hospital’s first heart transplant was conducted on Doris Chisko in 1987. Chisko lived for an additional 13 years thanks to the new heart. Dr. Sunit-preet Chaudhry, an advanced heart failure and transplant cardiologist, expressed joy at reaching this milestone, stating that every heart transplant is a reason to celebrate. Lisa Evans, the hospital’s 700th transplant patient, spoke highly of the care she received, calling herself a “walking miracle.”

In light of this achievement, Ascension St. Vincent is urging Hoosiers to prioritize their heart health during American Heart Month. They recommend regular check-ups with healthcare providers and staying up to date on screenings. Chaudhry emphasized the importance of prevention, saying that even the healthiest individuals can be at risk for a heart attack. Ascension St. Vincent’s providers believe that good relationships and long-term follow-up with healthcare professionals will help prevent heart problems. The hospital’s success in performing 700 heart transplants serves as a testament to their dedication to saving lives and giving patients more time with their loved ones.

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