Arizona Woman Faces $42K Bill After Weight Loss Surgery Complications Post-Liver Transplant

A woman in Arizona, Donna Lewis, was shocked when she received a $42,000 hospital bill for what was mistakenly categorized as “weight-loss surgery.” Lewis had undergone a liver transplant in 2019 and needed surgery later on to repair a hernia caused by complications from the transplant. The Mayo Clinic, where the transplant took place, had incorrectly classified the procedure, leading to the exorbitant bill.

Lewis and her husband, Robert Lewis, have been trying to resolve the matter with the health insurance company and the hospital, but encountered difficulties. Robert discovered that the hospital had inputted the wrong procedure code on the billing statement and attempted to rectify the error. However, the hospital refused to make changes, claiming that their primary focus is treating patients, not dealing with billing issues.

Fortunately, after contacting local NBC affiliate KPNX for assistance, the bill is now under review. The health insurance company has apologized for the confusion and stated that the bill has been paid as of Thursday morning. This incident highlights the importance of accurate billing practices in the healthcare system and the need for patients to advocate for themselves when faced with questionable charges.

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