Actor in Abilene awaits kidney transplant as he promotes organ donation in play

Local Abilene actor Bruce Calvery has been selected to lend his voice to the character of Dr. Peter Falkner in an upcoming production by the Abilene Community Theater (ACT). Calvery, known for his exceptional range and captivating performances, will bring Falkner to life in a rather unique manner. Although he will not make an appearance on stage, Calvery’s lines will be delivered through a speakerphone from backstage, adding a distinct element to the performance. Despite what some may consider a small role, Calvery’s contribution has left a significant impact on the entire production.

The God Committee, the play in which Calvery will be featured, is eagerly anticipated by the local Abilene community. The ACT, known for its commitment to the arts and showcasing talented individuals, has once again delivered in their selection of Calvery for this pivotal role. The decision to have Calvery’s lines delivered via a speakerphone adds a layer of intrigue and intensity to the performance, enhancing the overall theatrical experience for the audience. With Calvery’s proven talent and exceptional portrayal, The God Committee promises to be a memorable production for theater enthusiasts in Abilene and beyond.

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