Achieving Victory Over Lung Cancer: Patient’s Triumph Through Double Lung Transplant

A patient named Penny Muszanowski was discharged from Northwestern Memorial Hospital after undergoing a successful double lung transplant. Muszanowski gained attention during her stay for her habit of writing ‘thank you’ notes to every member of her care team, with each card featuring a drawing of a bee. Her positive attitude and appreciation for her care team made a big impact on the staff. The transplant was part of a first-of-its-kind study called the “Dream Program” at Northwestern, which performs double lung transplants on patients who would not typically be eligible due to advanced lung cancer. Muszanowski’s transplant was completed on February 17, and her goal now is to continue her recovery and eventually do a backflip, as she is a former gymnast.

This unique program at Northwestern is providing new hope for patients with advanced lung cancer who are in need of lung transplants. Muszanowski’s positive outlook and gratitude exemplify the impact that compassionate care can have on patients’ experiences and outcomes. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of innovative medical programs and the dedicated healthcare professionals who make them possible.

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