A Life-Changing Kidney Transplant brings joy to a young boy in Tipperary

Nine-year-old Finn O’Shea and his family from Clonmel, Ireland are celebrating a special Christmas this year, as it is the first in ten years that Finn is free from the shackles of his kidney disease. In February, Finn underwent a life-changing kidney transplant at CHI Temple Street, made possible by the selfless donation of an organ. Before the transplant, Finn’s life was filled with hospital visits and medical challenges, including being connected to a dialysis machine for ten hours every night. However, since the successful transplant, Finn’s recovery has been remarkable, and he is now back at school and enjoying time with his friends. Finn’s mother, Lisa, expressed gratitude to the doctors and nurses at Temple Street and Crumlin, as well as to the organ donor family and the Irish Kidney Association for their support.

In addition to his medical journey, Finn had a memorable experience in August when he was invited to be the mascot for his favorite soccer team, Manchester United, during a match against Athletic Bilbao at the Aviva Stadium. Finn’s older brother, Rian, also provided unwavering support throughout the challenging times. Lisa acknowledged the sacrifices made by organ donor families and expressed eternal gratitude for their “gift of life.” The O’Shea family hopes that Finn’s story will inspire others to consider becoming organ donors.

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