3-year-old heart patient celebrates anniversary with Valentine surprise

Three-year-old Karl Hadley received a surprise during his recent visit to a Spokane cardiologist. While waiting for his checkup, Karl was given balloons and a toy from the TV cartoon “Bluey.” The gift marked a milestone in Karl’s journey, as he had a liver transplant at Seattle Children’s Hospital on Valentine’s Day 2021. The transplant was necessary due to a viral infection that had caused his liver to fail. Karl also has an unrelated congenital heart defect called pulmonary vein stenosis, which requires multiple heart catheter procedures to keep his pulmonary veins open. Despite his ongoing health issues, Karl remains a happy and resilient child, thanks to the care and support of his family and medical team.

Dr. Carl Garabedian, a Spokane pediatric and adult congenital interventional cardiologist, has been overseeing Karl’s care since he took over from the Seattle Children’s Hospital specialists. Karl’s heart condition involves the progressive narrowing of veins that carry blood back from his lungs to his heart. Although the heart defect was partially corrected through open-heart surgery, Karl’s veins continued to narrow, requiring multiple catheterization interventions. The procedures, which involve balloon dilations and stent placements, are expected to continue, albeit at decreasing intervals. While Karl’s condition remains challenging due to the small size of his pulmonary veins, his growth over time is expected to make a difference. Despite his medical challenges, Karl’s family is grateful for the care he has received and his ability to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

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