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Nora’s Home: The Gift of Life

Nora was an adorable little girl who enjoyed life more than any other kids of her age. In 1997, she was 7 years old when a tragic accident took her life away. Her parents consented to organ donation so she could save several critical young lives through organ transplantation. This was her gift of life. In her honor, her loved ones founded Nora’s Life Gift Foundation in 1998.

According to the website, the Foundation was very active in promoting research for organ failure and organ transplant. The main goal, though, remained charitable contributions. It was in 2001 that the first Nora’s Home opened in Memphis, Tn. It has provided over 25,000 room nights to organ transplant patients and their caregivers who were from out of town.

In 2006, Nora’s parents moved to Houston, Tx for a professional opportunity. Her parents are both physicians at Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. Her dad, Dr. Osama Gaber is a kidney and pancreas transplant surgeon who is also the Medical Director of the Methodist J.C. Walker Transplant Center at the same hospital. Her mom, Dr. Lilian Gaber, is a transplant pathologist also working at Houston Methodist Hospital.

The goal of Nora’s Life Gift Foundation was to open the same concept in the Texas Medical Center. Patients coming from far away for transplant or follow-ups will have less stress by knowing that Nora Home can help them. About 5 years ago they opened the Houston location and it is helping so many people that they are already looking at making it bigger.


To make a contribution through Nora’s Home website please click the link. Nora’s website



Pierre Luc Charland
Pierre Luc Charland
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