Archana’s daughter, Tejaswini is just 10-years-old. Tejaswini has been fighting Thalassemia, a type of blood disorder.

“I always see Tejaswini in pain while undergoing blood transfusions. The injection really scares her. I simply stand and look at her, helpless. I cannot bear to see her in so much pain, she doesn’t deserve this…” cried Archana.

Archana’s daughter, Tejaswini is just 10-years-old. Tejaswini has been fighting Thalassemia, a type of blood disorder. In Thalassemia, the body of an individual has less hemoglobin than normal, which may lead to anemia and cause fatigue.

Help Tejaswini

She has already been through a lot of pain and misery. Tejaswini is a victim of not only poverty but also a life-threatening disease. She has always dreamt of becoming a dancer when she grows up. Being a wonderful student and a great dancer, she is dear to all her teachers and friends.

Tejaswini is fighting like a warrior. She has visited the hospital many times as she needs blood transfusions. Her condition seems to be very critical. This will only get worse and will eventually take her life if her treatment is delayed. As the blood transfusions are making her body miserable the only way to save her is through a bone marrow transplant.

This 10-year-old child has been pierced with needles not once but a lot of times. A non-relative is found out to be a 10/10 match and will undergo the bone marrow transplant.

Help Tejaswini

“Oh lord, you have to show us a way. Please help us save our daughter. I have full faith in you that you’ll help my family in this tough time. I wish I could do more for my child,” says an exasperated father.

Tejaswini’s father, Raju, is the sole earner. He works as a licensed agent. His monthly income is merely Rs 10,000. The family has been having a really tough time to collect the required amount for Tejaswini’s treatment. Even though the family has done everything to pay for Tejaswini’s previous treatments, nothing is enough. They took loans and borrowed money from friends and family.

Help Tejaswini

A huge sum of INR 3150000.00 is required for Tejaswini’s treatment. For a man whose salary is merely Rs 10,000, it will be impossible for him to collect such an amount.

Even though this disease has made her childhood really tough. Tejaswini has been fighting bravely. She loves to dance and study English, she cannot wait to go back to school and play with her friends. She also wishes to visit places and start living her life without regular hospital visits.

Tejaswini and her family are in dire need of funds for her life-saving transplant. Please donate generously and help this poor family in their dark times. Tejaswini deserves another chance at her life which can be possible only with your help.

Help Tejaswini

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