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Greenville Co. educator gets kidney transplant after being delayed due to COVID-19 | Coronavirus

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GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (FOX Carolina) – The novel coronavirus has disrupted many aspects of life, both large-scale and minute. For one Greenville County educator, that meant his planned kidney transplant was also put on hold.

Earlier in May, we told you about Hamilton Parks, the middle school assistant director at Christ Church Church Episcopal School. He’s needed a new kidney since 2017, and finally matched with a living donor in February 2020. Parks tells us before his surgery was cancelled, all seemed to be lining up. His last appointment was the same day class was cancelled for COVID-19.

However, the March afternoon he went to MUSC in Charleston for pre-op, Parks learned MUSC suspended live donor kidney transplants because the hospital didn’t have widespread COVID-19 testing. He had to remain on daily dialysis to stay healthy until a transplant could happen.

But three days after disappointment came a new window of opportunity. MUSC told him they found a different donation that would be a better match, and on May 7, Parks’ transplant journey came to a close. He tells us he’s still healing, but feeling great nonetheless.

You can look at our previous coverage of Hamilton Parks’ story here:

SC educator’s kidney transplant delayed to COVID-19 pandemic

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