Randa and Fyruz Awis. Photo: screenshot.

The kidney of an Israeli man who was killed by an Arab mob in the mixed city of Lod last week was transplanted into the body of an Arab woman from eastern Jerusalem, saving her life.

Ranadah Awis, 58, has been on a waiting list for a kidney transplant for nine years. When she received the call that one was available, she told Israel’s N12 news, “I thought someone was playing a trick on me.”

The kidney came from the body of Yigal Yehoshua, who was murdered during widespread Arab rioting in the first days of Israel’s ongoing Operation Guardian of the Walls in Gaza.

“I thank Yigal’s family,” said Awis. “They will be comforted from heaven, and Yigal is in a better place.” She added that Yehoshua’s family “has become part of my family.”

“I wish for peace between us — Jews and Arabs,” she said. “This Jewish kidney has now become a part of me. My daughter grew up with Jews and speaks Hebrew like them. We are all human beings.”

Awis’ daughter Fairuz said that while she was happy for her mother, she was saddened that Yehoshua had “to die so cruelly.”

“I want to meet Yigal’s family,” she added. “We will forever have something that belongs to them. We are all human beings and there should be no useless hatred here.”

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