Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Why A Transplantation Only News Source?

The reason to start a transplant focused news source is easy; the transplant community needs a voice that will promote our message, stories, challenges, and successes as high and loud as the mainstream media does other health causes.
For much too long the transplant community has been made to sit on the sidelines and witness our conversation not receive the same level of attention that other causes receive in the mainstream.
Transplant Cafe (TC) founder, Nelson Freytes started TC with this concern as part of his vision. Because of its social nature however, TC quickly grew into a source of support and connections for the members of the transplant community and it will remain this way.
With Transplant News however, we’re aiming to help transplantation gain more real estate in the minds of the masses. It is an effort to prop up the topic of transplantation further than ever before and help it gain similar national and global attention that other major health causes enjoy.
With new transplantation and business experienced investor partners joining the team, we are more committed than ever to making this vision a reality.
If you’re a member of the transplant community, hopes to help you bring your story and experience to a much larger global audience and bring our message of transplant awareness to the masses. This, combined with original patient/recipient stories, information on transplant innovation and cutting edge content will help bring a much needed new paradigm of awareness and much deserved attention to this great community and cause.

The Transplant News Team

Nelson O. Freytes

Founder, Liver Recipient / CEO

Julie Lesage

COO | Business Intelligence Director | Investor

Pierre Luc Charland

CCO | Transplant Specialist | Advisor | Investor