World Kidney Day – Locket Schwerdt

Lockett is our youngest he was born with nonfunctioning kidneys he’s had this battle his whole life we had a level two sonogram done and the sonogram was showing urinomas around his kidneys and abnormal growth that’s when we found out that there was something wrong with his kidneys I overheard them say he wasn’t

Breathing so of course I freaked out but then I heard Janice say he peed on me so that was good cuz we didn’t know if he would makeing urine and doing all that so we held out hope that his kidneys were functioning but then by day three Z

Had come in and told her that he was going to need dialysis they placed his PD catheter at 5 days old and we both learned how to hook him up to dialysis clean the catheter every day when it’s your tiny newborn right like there’s just a lot of anxiety that comes with am

I doing it wrong did I contaminate did I keep everything sterile it’s just a lot and he was usually on 11 hours of dialysis he threw up constantly and that’s just kind of par for the course for dialysis babies but we had a really hard time it was 5 6 seven eight times

In the night that he would throw up and we’d have to change all the things so we were in and out of the hospital a lot he was like losing his hair he was pretty malnourished he was so severely dehydrated he was not getting enough

Fluids cuz he was throwing up so much so that’s what was causing us to go in and out of the hospital so we immediately started having conversations about the possibility of me being as donor just based off of blood type and so the transplant team was like okay well let’s

Do the end of March when we have new families that we come across that maybe are just experiencing this for the first time we just try to give support and like be there for them because it is a whole lifestyle and it will be lifelong I think he’s realizing that like there’s

Something different about me cuz he’ll ask why do I have to do the hard things you know so it’s hard raising a seven-year-old who’s very smart and trying to support him through that to help him realize like this this will be our life forever we have good days and

Bad days sometimes and more good days than bad so I think that for us it was really helpful when we could talk to other families that have been through the same thing or something similar because it was like they get it sometimes you just need to talk to

Someone who understands and and has been through similar circumstances I want both our boys to experience everything they can while they can you’re one blood draw away from from bad news and so it’s important that that families realize that and and take advantage of it and and make sure you’re joying and living

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