Woman Receives Pig Kidney Transplant After Never Before Attempted Strategy

With over 89,000 Americans languishing on the waiting list for a donor kidney, and a mere fraction receiving one this year, innovative solutions are direly needed. Enter a groundbreaking approach that has recently made headlines: the transplantation of a kidney from a pig to a human recipient. In a historic feat, a New Jersey patient, Lisa Pano, became only the second living human to undergo this revolutionary procedure, offering her a second chance at life.

Lisa’s ordeal began with her heart and kidneys failing, rendering her incapable of even the simplest tasks. Facing imminent death, she seized the opportunity presented by the pioneering efforts of Dr. Robert Montgomery and his team at NYU Langone Health. With FDA approval, they embarked on an unprecedented endeavor, implanting both a mechanical heart pump and a pig kidney modified with a single gene alteration to enhance compatibility.

The results were nothing short of miraculous. As Lisa’s blood flowed into the transplanted kidney, it transformed into a healthy, vibrant organ, signaling the success of the procedure. Now, as she recuperates from surgery, Lisa envisions a future filled with activities she once thought impossible, including playing with her grandchildren. This remarkable achievement not only offers hope to countless individuals on transplant waiting lists but also heralds a new era in organ transplantation, promising renewed life and vitality for those in need.

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