Why The Gift Of Life Matters | Green Chair Donate Life Sit-In 2024

welcome back to good day well it’s been
24 hours and someone has been sitting in
the Big Green chair the entire time
she’s been near the green chair of yeah
Carousel of Life connection joins us
again so we’ll do this again in a year
but the need for donors is right now it
really is and I know that that is very
serious but I like that when we cut to
you initially in the shot you were
laughing at me yeah I appreciate your
support well I you know what because I I
understand right now that this is
probably not the best time to interview
you you’ve been awake for 24 hours and
you only got two hours of sleep the
night true you guys know my every move
yeah so like you haven’t basically you
haven’t slept in 48 hours I mean
basically basically and I am running on
adrenaline and this was the best event
ever yeah it was great wasn’t it let me
look at you yesterday Wendy Wendy our
producer is always doing car of Dirty by
pulling up photos from the day before to
show the before and after you know what
you look good you look good right now
you are lying can’t tell I cannot tell
the look at that smile that smile looks
so good you’re very much awake I am
awake and that’s great that’s it’s an
excellent thing and in all seriousness
it has been really awesome I mean 24
hours of really amazing Stories our
donor Families Our recipients literally
not letting the green chair go empty
living out its tagline doing what we
were here to do hopefully inspiring some
people to educate themselves about the
importance of donation and take that
step and register yeah some wonderful
stories indeed just uh speaking to Candy
I got a chance to interview her
yesterday uh just emotional just to hear
that and you’ve been hearing that for
the past 24 hours and for this to be
year number 14 uh to make sure that this
is something that’s a priority in
getting this message out how does it how
does it feel again this year I know it
feels great you know I mean it’s such a
fun event for our volunteers to be a
part of and we cannot thank you all
enough for continuing to have us here
year after year and tell these stories
and you mentioned candy I know you had a
moment if I can call you outly but you
were like oh my gosh you can’t do this
to me that so emotional because truly I
mean think of her in the 24 years that
she has been alive she’s been able to
spend more time with her son she’s been
able to be active and live the best life
because someone said yes to donation and
that is the case for you we’re you’re
holding this picture here of you and
your dad I am and you got extra 20 years
with right yes I did producer Wendy
Sheridan made me do this I I didn’t come
here to hold a picture of myself but it
is with my father as well and yes like
you said I’m just so fortunate that I
was able to have 20 additional years
with my dad would have literally never
happened had someone not said yes to
donation and saved his life and he was
able to do a lot with those 20 years and
I think inspired quite a few people
hopefully to register or again at least
learn more about donation and really
consider taking that step and you know
leaving that life-saving life Legacy
it’s really an Incredible Gift yeah car
and I think what’s so interesting is
when you say yes you’re not just
impacting one life so talk about that a
little bit yeah I mean it’s incredible
the power that one person has eight
lives could be saved with organ donation
125 more through tissue donation so you
talk about a life-saving legacy I really
can’t think of one any better than that
right and when we talk about the need um
20 people die every day y wa for that
life-saving transplant which is why we
keep we’re keeping that chair filled for
the last 24 hours to represent that we
we got to take a seat to take a stand um
but talk a little bit more about how
organ donation like the the numbers
there I’m going to make you I’m going to
make you pull some numbers out of your
brain here I go this morning let’s see
the skill there’s over a 100,000 people
waiting for life saving organ
transplants in the United States like
you said unfortunately about 20 people
die every day while meting which like
you said I mean you’re you’re doing it
for me here but that is why it’s so
important for us to have this event and
literally not let the chair go empty
because 20 chairs go empty every day and
we can help that number you know all we
need to do is say yes and it’s really an
easy thing to do you can hop on our
website life connection.org or I think
wtl1 might have a little something about
green chair and organ donation going on
on their website if you want to check
that out too so again we’re just so
appreciative that you have us back and
that you put me on live TV after I’ve
been up for several double digit hours
it’s all right but I do want to ask you
this question um you for the past 24
hours uh we have had the opportunity
just to sit with a few families you’ve
been able to sit with all of those
families on every end of the spectrum of
uh organ and tissue donation what does
it do for you and your Zeal for Life
connection yeah it’s like I don’t feel
like I need to be motiv at to do what I
do but if I did this event certainly
would do I mean it just it is
reinvigorating and is a really great
reminder of all of us at life connection
of Ohio and the important jobs that we
have to do everything we can to serve
our donor families and to save lives
through donation so I feel very very
lucky to be a part of it and as we heard
you know the stories from the people who
have been on the you know the tragic end
of of it and how they have said it it is
helped them
it has provided a community for them and
and a way to be a to show their pride
for their loved on abolutely there’s
that side of it too for people who are
questioning you know that well oh you
know somebody has to die MH in order for
this person to live right um but you
when you hear their stories about what
it has done for them yeah it makes it
makes them proud of their family member
that’s that’s what I’ve been able to
sense from them and and kind of as if
family members Legacy is still living on
a little bit that’s exactly you took the
words right out of my mouth I mean truly
they are living on in those lives that
they were able to save and like you said
the donor families are so proud of their
loved ones ability to do that it’s an
Incredible Gift and they’ve been here
for 24 hours to celebrate that so it’s a
an awesome platform to get the word out
and to give those opportunities to our
donor families to really celebrate that
Legacy so get on our website there we
got all the all the information is out
there for you and Cara thank you for
being here last day yes get some rest
okay I’ll try you are able to go take a
nap now okay thanks in the GRE room she
could sleep in the chairs yeah you can
yeah that’s okay we’ll be back with more
good day stay with us

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