Washington Man With Cancer Waiting For Liver Transplant

for Mike Clemen Haagen he stands by
hoping to get the call of his life and
it’s just been nothing but waiting and
being stressed out the call he wants
more than anything that a liver is
available he’s on two lists to give him
the best chance you know there’s two
ways to go on a liver one is a deceased
donor which oh chesu does and then the
other one’s um a living donor is down in
university University of California at
San Francisco and I got I got on that
list too he’s been on the list since
last summer and has been called a few
times since January but nothing has
panned out so far there’s lots of people
out there that wait that are actually
get too sick to stay on the list
or they actually die waiting on the list
it was almost a year ago today Mike
found out he had cancer in his liver it
started when he got hepatitis C took 11
months to get over get through the
process of that and then after that I
found out after I completed that I found
out I had therosis of the liver and
that’s what’s causing the HCC
the um the cancer Mike’s story is one
reason why Donate Life Northwest wants
more people to donate we really want to
haen awareness and encourage people to
learn about donation because it’s a
personal decision and most importantly
it’s something that should be shared
with your family so that they know this
is what you wanted according to Don life
Northwest another person is added to the
waiting list every 8 minutes each day 17
people die waiting for an organ donation
can make such a positive impact not only
to that one person receiving an organ or
a cornea or skin graph or bone but think
of their family members Mike says he’s
optimistic he’ll get that call and hopes
others will too why not if if you’re
going to pass why not leave something to
to help somebody out you know Dedra
Johnson KGW News

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