Utah Woman Finds Elusive Bone Marrow Donor After Battling Life-Threatening Illness

Late last year, Kaa Endo’s life took a dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia just six weeks into starting college. Faced with this life-altering condition, Kaa’s best shot at recovery was a bone marrow transplant. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the search for a suitable donor, her medical journey took a positive turn over the following five months.

After an extensive search, a donor match was finally found, and Kaa underwent her transplant on February 28th. However, the procedure was just the beginning of her battle. Kaa faced numerous complications, resulting in a grueling 56-day hospital stay. Despite the rough recovery and the long road still ahead, Kaa’s spirit remains unbroken.

Kaa continues to advocate for bone marrow donation, urging others to join the bone marrow registry. She emphasizes that her improved health today is entirely due to the donor match she received, highlighting the critical need for more people to become potential donors. Kaa’s story is a powerful reminder of the life-saving impact of bone marrow donations and the ongoing need for community support in the fight against severe illnesses.


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