Transplant Games And Uss New Jersey Homecoming Highlighted In Cbs Philadelphia’S Pulse

This weekend in Alabama, the world’s largest celebration of life, the transplant games, will showcase the success of organ donation and transplantation. A competitor from Delaware, who received a liver transplant at 10 months old and is now interning at a hospital, will be part of the Philadelphia team for the seventh time. Meanwhile, a rare musket used during the American Revolutionary War has been rediscovered, potentially solving a decades-old mystery of stolen artifacts. In other news, after undergoing repairs, the most decorated battleship in US Navy history, the Big J, returned home to Philadelphia and will reopen to the public just in time for the 4th of July.

The world’s largest celebration of life is set to take place this weekend in Alabama as the Transplant Games gear up to showcase the success of organ donation and transplantation while underscoring the need for more donors. Joining the Philadelphia team is a competitor from Delaware who underwent a liver transplant at just 10 months old in 2005 and is now preparing for her seventh appearance at the games – an inspiring testament to the impact of organ donation.

In a historic discovery, a musket used during the American Revolutionary War has resurfaced and is now on display at a museum in Old City. Believed to have been stolen in 1968 along with other valuable artifacts from the Valley Forge Historical Society, this rediscovered piece of history has experts buzzing and may finally shed light on a decades-old mystery surrounding its disappearance.

On a different note, the USS New Jersey, the most decorated battleship in U.S. Navy history, has returned home after undergoing repairs for the past three months. Departing from the Paulsboro Marine Terminal, the ship was welcomed by a crowd at the Camden Pier and is set to reopen to the public just in time for Independence Day, marking a pivotal moment in the vessel’s storied legacy.

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