Successful Eye Transplant, And The Healing Power Of Breathing

Welcome to I on America I’m Michelle Miller today we bring you stories of current challenges and breakthroughs in medicine in Colorado We Tour a hospital where ER staff are training to better treat critically ill children and in New York we meet the doctors responsible for the first successful eye transplant but

We begin with the continued Fallout from the 2022 reversal of roie weade Idaho is one of 14 states with a near total abortion ban Adriana Diaz meets with a patient and her doctor to learn why so many are feeling hopeless and frustrated I can’t describe the amount

Of love that I have for this little girl Becca Vincent Brown says the joy of having her first child far surpassed anything she could have imagined there you go and how was it trying for a second it took us about a year and when you found out you were

Pregnant ecstatic but at 16 weeks tests revealed multiple abnormalities and it was at that point in time that it really kind of hit sorry um that really kind of hit both my husband and I but it wasn’t going to be a viable baby doctors diagnosed Vincent Brown’s expected baby with triploid many

Of the organs were malformed including the brain kidneys and heart a fatal diagnosis for the fetus she explained to us that you know you have a couple options one you can bring this baby until it spontaneously miscarries or still births or um you can and have an abortion but unfortunately because of

Idaho’s laws currently right now it can’t be within the state of Idaho she and her husband had to drive 7 hours to Portland and bring their 2-year-old because they couldn’t find last minute Child Care on the first day of a two-day procedure she was dilated but overnight

She went into labor at the hotel there was a really really intense contraction and my water broke we went to the bathroom and then ultimately I gave birth to the baby in the hotel bathroom I had to stifle cries because you know my child is on the other side of the

Wall in her pack and play in her pack and play sleeping sleeping and my other child is sitting in the hotel bathroom I think I have not gone to bed without thinking about what happened to her when Dr Anne finer Vincent Brown’s OB and Boise heard what happened she was

Overcome with emotion sadness just really hopeless and frustrated feeling like there was so much harm that happened to her that didn’t need to happen how dangerous was it for her very dangerous why is there so much confusion over the exemption that abortions are allowed if it’s to save a woman’s life because it’s

Really hard to Define at what point you’re saving that woman’s life someone might come in an emergency bleeding and I won’t know the right thing to do whether it’s legal or not did Idaho go too far with this abortion ban no I think it’s a good starting point Idaho state

Representative Republican John vanderwal who describes himself as pro-life chairs the Health and Welfare committee he voted for the abortion ban but says his position has evolved we have to have something in there that includes the health of the mother not just the life of the mother and I I said I’m pro-

Lifee but I’m also pro- life for the mother too but he’ll likely face resistance in the Republican dominated Idaho State Legislature which refused to add an exception to protect a mother’s health so that was that was our decision was to focus on the life um versus more of a

Health type exception what do you plan to say to your colleagues who are steadfastly no on this issue I that they’re wrong that I think you can’t be pro-life and not care about the life of the mother and the health of the mother I just don’t see you can separate those

Two Becca hey for now Dr finer says she’s staying in Idaho good how have things been going because of patients like Vincent Brown who’s expecting again let me know if I push too hard okay oh hello face how do you feel about this law having gone through what you went

Through the trauma that I experienced I blame completely on the legislation and it’s really pushing me to try to make a change we continue with another hurdle in healthc care this one facing children only 14% of emergency rooms across the country are deemed pediatric ready to treat critically ill Kids Janet chaman

Explains how one is making crucial improvements to save their youngest patients and calling on other hospitals to do the same he he got really tired and he stopped breathing and I couldn’t wake him up it’s every parents fear their child’s life in danger any medications

In your purse mom in this case it’s a simulated emergency what kind of things could we work on or do better part of new pediatric training at Grand River Health a hospital in Rifle Colorado what is the motivation for this Hospital hospital or any others to do this I

Think the statistics speak for themselves a 40% reduction in morbidity mortality for kids and ERS that are pediatric ready is huge critically ill children are almost four times more likely to die in hospital emergency rooms with the lowest pediatric Readiness scores according to a study published in the journal

Pediatrics in Most states Readiness programs are voluntary a hospital trade group has come out and said it is not fair to expect every hospital in the country to have expertise in specialized pediatric care what would you say to them I would say that it’s certainly something every hospital should be doing

Emergency Equipment and medicine is different for children so this is our pediatric code card at Grand River Health they’ve colorcoded trachea tubes and other supplies based on a child’s weight something kaani rust is grateful for we knew it was urgent what was your fear level at that point High yeah yeah

Very high when Tucker rust a 4-year-old with diabetes became critically ill the emergency room was ready I think it’s incredible I think the biggest thing for us that we love about it is we don’t have to travel to Children’s Hospital for Tucker to get seen so what should

Parents do if there’s no pediatric trauma unit nearby experts say most pediatric emergencies can be handled appropriately in any ER so parents should take their child to the closest hospital to be stabilized then advocate for a transfer if necessary do you have any doubt that the changes you’ve made

Here have saved the lives of children absolutely not giving young patients like Tucker a Fighting Chance coming up an exclusive conversation with the recipient of the first successful eye transplant this is eye on America welcome back in May of 2023 a team at NYU Lango Health achieved a major breakthrough the first successful

Human eye transplant Dr John leuk speaks with the patient and his Physicians about this extraordinary achievement Aaron James has always been committed committed to his family committed to his country and committed to his career helping to maintain America’s power grid but while doing that job on June 10th 2021 he

Accidentally touched a 7200v power line his wife Megan will never forget the call she got from his boss Aon has been in an accident I is he okay and he said from everything that I’m hearing right now and all of the details that I’m gathering it’s pretty serious doctors in

Oklahoma and Texas did all they could to save her husband of 20 years his left arm had to be amputated above the elbow he also lost his left eye and when you saw his face unbandaged for the first time I just took a deep breath and I

Said all right this is what we’re dealing with let’s go three good all right the Arkansas native also lost his nose and front teeth and couldn’t eat or drink normally so he agreed to undergo a partial face transplant including the world’s first transplant of a donor’s

Eye could we include the eye with the face transplant why would people think that you couldn’t a whole eye transplants never been done this isn’t the first first for plastic surgeon Dr Eddie Rodriguez in 2020 he performed the first simultaneous face and double hand transplant so then when you suggested

Doing an eye transplant and you spoke to opthalmologist or neurologist or your colleagues what did they say it’s not possible it’s not going to work when you went to Mr James and you suggested doing something that had never been done before what was his response he didn’t

Hesitate he said if I can help out other people and if I can help out other other soldiers it’s worth it and he had been in combat right yeah he had had three tours Iraq Afghanistan and Egypt so Dr adrius and his team at NYU landone Health spent 21 hours transferring the

Donor’s face eye socket and the eye itself to James a huge challenge was providing blood flow to the transplanted eye it was an exhil ating moment to just see that blood supply coming to the redut this is the 46-year-old now it’s been just over 5 months since the ion

Face transplant I want to just put it out there right now that you have some trouble speaking still right does it seem to be getting better yes it is getting better until I can get some steing in my LS and uh get my G to Oak Ro and get

Some cheeks you all o have a lot of things that are working a lot better than before yes everything is it just grows on on I tell herbody if I get close to a mirror I just stare at it you’re now looking for mirrors that’s

Right you know now I want to go outside and let people see me you know after the surgery a huge question remained would light shined into the transplanted eye be recognized by the part of his brain that processes Vision to find out James has had two functional MRIs I’m sure for

Visual will be even more yeah for this one it’s usually a lot more then we covered his good eye and checked the transplanted eye oh yeah and we saw a response back there point to where you feel it retina expert Dr V is his eye specialist how about here can we be more

Astonished every level every test has further increased our understanding of how this eye is functioning within his body million dooll question maybe billion dollar question is it possible that the brain could rewire itself in a different way to be able to actually see an image I never say never um but you

Never say never at the beginning of this and it works a lot of what we have seen does not necessarily support that but that being said this is unprecedented so the question is is it possible yes okay I’m going to take a look at your eye now

Okay okay looks pretty healthy we don’t have sight yet but I’m an optimist and the one thing for sure that I can say now is that we are one step closer whether or not he will ever see out of his new eye Aaron James is committed once again this time

To advancing Medical Science it could potentially help somebody with blindness from any cause Immaculate degeneration or whatever but also it could help somebody who was in combat who lost their eye I mean did that go through your head if he doing it first kickstarts it you know I I’m on for it

Over time you think You’ be able to open up that eye the nervs are starting to come up I’m getting sensation really over here isn’t that amazing years ago they would have said there is no chance at all that it will work and I suspect that a lot of people right now said

There’s no chance it will work and yet after I went home every once in a while I would Google it’s a I transplant costal and it would say you know that this town it is not medically possible chat GPT and Google are going to have to

Catch up to you oh yeah yeah I know that’s a good CL one ahead how some people are having psychedelic experiences without any drugs that story is next we close our show with the healing power of breathing activation breath work is a technique some proponents say can create a psychedelic State allowing

People to confront anxiety depression and Trauma Lisa Ling travels to Arizona to experience it herself in Sedona Arizona surrounded by Red Rocks many believe have therapeutic powers and with a group of people who’ve come from all over the country country for a psychedelic healing experience what’s going to happen today is your it

Depends on your ability to surrender the facilitator here looks right at a Central Casting cowboy hat tattoos rugged good looks oh and his name is ocean Eagle for the next 90 minutes he’s going to guide people on a journey of the Mind using a powerful tool that we all need to

Survive our breath you can lay down or sit up the goal here says ocean is to tap into and if necessary attempt to heal your inner child for him that inner child was a little boy named Marty Daniel tell me about your background your upbringing I was born in double

Alcoholic parents my father was you a very um abusive man how did you deal with all the trauma that you endured as a kid I drank a lot ultimately alcohol was my master but despite his addiction Marty played college baseball on a scholarship and would go on to have a

Family and a successful real estate business so you had the life but I was miserable on the inside I’ve had the million dooll homes I’ve had all the cars I’ve Ever Wanted had it all and none of it filled that hole inside me when did Marty Daniel become ocean Eagle

I met a woman that was a shaman that was doing shamanic breath work so I lay down and I had a spiritual awakening of biblical proportions and that’s when ocean Eagle was born he started training in holotropic breath work and then developed a method of his own so

Activation breath work is something that You’ branded your own brand of breath work that’s mine what is it and how does it work well what it does is it activates you on a cellular level so the DMT that’s found in iasa we build that naturally when we breathe that way nose

Mouth breathing circular when we breathe that way we balance the CO2 and the O2 levels proper properly um which creates a moment of homeostasis so that we have a moment to heal ocean claims this form of breathing naturally releases DMT in the brain allowing people to enter a

Psychedelic State DMT is found in some plants in psychedelics and can produce hallucinations we were given a solo contract a mission ocean Eagle’s activation breath work is underway it starts with words of affirmation so how much do you love yourself and then the specially curated list starts to Blare what is happening to people when they are breathing that deeply and heavily along with that pulsating music where are they going they’re accessing the deeper wounding that’s within them some people have you know a lot of tears come up a lot of crying some people have

A lot of rage and anger come [Applause] up are people having a psychedelic experience when the DMT gets activated yeah they can have a total psychedelic natural napin luhar came here looking to connect with her little girl tell me about what your childhood was like

So at age four I started to go through a lot of uh molestation and in the Indian Muslim culture molestation is not something that is very easily talked about the repercussions of molestation had very much manifested in my in my psyche in my physical body as well by six I was

Already an obese child the scars would last into adulthood and eventually made nafin very sick even though I had gone to therapy I had worked on forgiveness I had done so many things it was still the residue was so deep I went to the doctor for a regular checkup and they found

That I had uterine cancer nafin had surgery and went into remission but it was after a traumatic breakup that she found ocean Eagle on Facebook and went to an activation breath work Retreat breath work helped me release 25 years of trauma I just didn’t even know what

Hit me what are you hoping to get out of it this time I just want to get rid of all the noise and connect to the little girl who wants to play and create so we’re 45 minutes into this breath work session and it’s still as

Physical and Primal as it was when it started and it just boggles the mind that they haven’t ingested anything after 90 minutes the music slows and people start coming back to a space their minds had left ocean gathers the group to talk about their Journeys this

Voice was screaming in my head of like why don’t you ever ask for help why did you never ask for help and I was just like sobbing because I realized that I’m the only one that’s standing in the way of like my healing ocean being the most

Amazing human being in my life who actually connected me to my little girl that’s exactly what I did in my breath work today tomorrow is round two and someone you know will be giving it a try I’ll be honest I am a little nervous about this because um uh relinquishing control has always

Been something challenging for me but I’m going to do my best to Just Surrender and see what happens as soon as the masks go on and the music starts we’re off play with a bunch of Soul contract you made before you came here it started off and I don’t

Know if it was the music but it was very pulsating and I felt very angry about the things that are happening in the world and these wars that men have plunged us into throughout history my body starts shaking profusely and the tears flow ocean comes to lay hands on

Me but I whisper ocean I need a woman jamine another facilitator comes and I feel her energy as though her hands are burning my back at a certain point I felt like I was holding the Earth and I was almost like wrapping my mother hands around the earth because

It’s I think it’s going to take a mother and this feminine energy right to heal this deeply broken Earth and then this woman after I took my shades off she just like wrapped me in this blanket it was that energy that I needed that I recognize that I need to bring to

The world so that was my little journey for more stories like these and live coverage of Breaking News 247 stream us right here on CBS News I’m Michelle Miller thank you for watching I on America

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