Striking The Right Chord: How A Kidney Transplant Changed A Local Musician’S Life

March is National Kidney month and organizations across the country are spreading the word about how to keep your kidneys healthy W’s Daniela keris joins us live and Daniela you spoke with a local singer who says kidney disease changed his life I’m here at the Lincoln Theater where Jason Ado played his guitar for

Many of his fans but he wasn’t always able to do that 13 years ago he learned he needed a kidney transplant Jason Ado has been playing music all his life tell me I’m for the past decade you can hear more pain in his songs as his pain increased from

Polycystic kidney disease they get to the size of footballs and they could weigh up to 15 20 lbs Each His kidneys were deteriorating and he needed a transplant I was introduced to Jenna and the rest is history um Jenna my next door neighbor was just listed for a

Kidney transplant Jenna kovich was ready to donate they were nearly a perfect match but Ado’s body wouldn’t accept the kidney so they turned to the alliance repaired kidney donation which uses a Nobel prizewinning algorithm to match one incompatible pair with another and then my kidney ended up coming from the

Country of Denmark went into a cooler and is now somewhere in Denver whether you’re a living donor or registered to donate after death kov and Ado say you can make a difference lives were able to be saved by you know it was a major surgery but like I said I feel no

Different it’s my life has only gotten better since since donating it really put the faith back in humanity for me you know there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world and it’s just nice to have real life experience and stories to tell of great human beings stories to

Tell and a song to sing together are to see Ado live yourself he’ll be performing at the car theater on April 13th Daniela casades live in Raleigh wrl news

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