‘Something So Positive From Something So Negative’: Michael’S Story | Green Chair Donate Life Sit-In

well today is our 14th annual green
chair Donate Life St in and today and
tomorrow we’ll bring you stories of
recipients donor families and the
importance of Oregon donation right now
I’m joined by Pam folz and Kevin folz uh
we are talking about Michael folz who is
your husband and father uh tell me about
who he was well um he was a police
officer for 25 years for the uh Transit
Police in the DC area and after 25 years
he retired and he had always wanted to
come back home to Ohio and so we came in
2008 to Ohio
and unfortunately he was riding a bike
uh in April of 2016 was not wearing a
bike helmet and was hit by a negligent
driver and that caused him to um have a
massive brain bleed which took him down
to Miami Valley and they pretty much
told us um there was no hope and they
asked us if we wanted to donate his
organs why did you decide to to donate
um he was an organ donor so he had made
that choice but even if he hadn’t he was
a very loving giving man in life and so
we knew um that would be something he
would want to do if there was any hope
of helping somebody at all with his
passing we absolutely wanted to be able
to do that did was he able to help
anybody he was he was um a woman got his
kidneys a man got his liver um his
corneas were given uh to give the gift
of sight to some people and then over
118 people’s lives were improved with
tissue donation well how does that make
you feel that you you you know his
passing was able to give others life um
well I mean it’s an amazing feeling to
know that he lives on in other people um
and the fact that he was able to help
other people obviously is a great thing
but for us as a donor family it was such
a tragic and unexpected event that
having something so positive come from
something so negative just kind of gived
us a sense of peace and helped us
navigate that grief Journey Uh Kevin I
want to ask you I mean you’re with Life
Connections of Ohio um what would you
tell families who are maybe hesitant to
become donors or to sign up yeah I mean
uh you know for me and my mom this was
probably the only good thing that came
out of this um you know something that
we recognize is that not everyone is for
donation but the good thing is donation
is for everyone uh I would encourage
people to do their research and look at
those myths and misconceptions you know
you can save up to eight lives through
organ transplant you can heal over 125
people through tissue so it’s it’s a
good way to leave a lasting Legacy for
uh the family that is left behind and at
least for us it’s really helped us uh
you know in our comfort in our way of
grieving so uh I just want to I ask you
too I mean obviously we do this every
year but what are your thoughts on on
doing this in the green chair sit in and
reminding people how important it is and
I mean you guys have been in this
situation before but how important is it
to remind people of this oh it’s hugely
important um before his dad’s accident
we were organ donors we had checked the
box but we really didn’t know what was
involved in the whole process and now
that we’re integrally involved seeing
these transplant recipients living their
best lives because of donor family’s um
gift that was given it’s just amazing
and to hear the statistics of how
there’s so many people waiting and not
enough people on the list it’s just we
need to get the word out there work
together and keep on getting that
information out all right Pam and Kevin
thank you guys so much for joining us uh
again our green CH cting is going until
tomorrow morning we’ll have much more
stories tonight and tomorrow morning on
w 11 this morning but for now we’ll be
back in a few minutes

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