Selfless Act: Ny Parent Gifts Kidney To Ailing Child

From birth, Jared Maner faced health challenges due to having only one small kidney as a result of branchio auto renal syndrome. Despite wearing hearing aids for his ears, his remaining kidney began to fail as he grew older, leading to the need for a transplant. Last year, he required a kidney transplant urgently or face dialysis, and his dad, Steven, a retired firefighter, volunteered as a match. The emotional moment of seeing father and son hug before surgery was a touching moment for the family, and the transplant was successful, allowing Jared to resume normal activities. Jared called his dad a hero for his sacrifice, and the family is grateful for the support during this difficult time.

Jared Maner has faced challenges since birth due to being born with branchio-oto-renal syndrome, a rare condition affecting his kidneys, neck, and ears. Despite hearing aids helping him live a normal life, as he grew older, his one small kidney struggled to keep up. At just 9 years old, Jared informed his family that he needed a kidney transplant urgently or faced the prospect of dialysis.

Fortunately, Jared’s parents, Steven and Donna, quickly volunteered to be donors. Steven, a retired New York City firefighter, turned out to be a perfect match for his son. The emotional moment before the surgery was described by Donna as deeply moving, as they embraced and exchanged high fives before going through with the life-changing transplant. Following the successful procedure, Jared expressed feeling “so good” and was able to resume activities expected of a typical 9-year-old, with his dad by his side as his hero.

The heartwarming story of Jared and Steven Maner serves as a poignant reminder of the power of family, generosity, and love in overcoming life’s challenges. Jared’s journey from facing health struggles to receiving a life-saving kidney transplant highlights the resilience and strength of individuals in the face of adversity. The successful surgery has not only restored Jared’s health but has also strengthened the bond between father and son, exemplifying the unwavering support and dedication within their family unit.

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