Raising Flags To Honor Organ Donors

a new flag is going up at Chi Memorial
on their campuses in Chattanooga and in
Hixon Tennessee donor Services join
Hospital staff in raising donate live
flags and recognition of donor awareness
month these flags honor everyone
impacted by organ and tissue donations
joining Hospital staff during the flag
raising were organ donor recipients and
the family of organ donors uh I am a
donor mom my son Kevin uh was a donor um
uh almost 13 years ago uh he donated his
heart both kidneys pancreas and liver
and um because of a conversation that we
had had that he had wanted to be a donor
we knew that that’s what he wanted to do
and so we honored his wishes because of
that um other people live life because
of Kevin’s uh
donations so thankful for the donors in
our community it’s as easy as getting a
sticker on your driver’s license folks
or talking to your family about exactly
what you would like done

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