Quad Citizens Laced Up Their Walking Shoes To Raise Awareness

earlier this morning people laced up
their shoes in Bendorf to walk for a
good cause April is Donate Life month
and 40 people participated in the
Celebrate Life Walk The Event recognized
organ donors and their families all
while raising awareness for organ
donation organizers say right now there
are more than 103,000 people on the
national transplant waiting list one
participant at the event is a heart
recipient and talked about the emotions
of getting a transplant
a heart is an organ that someone can’t
give and continue to live someone has to
lose their life or is it the end of
their life and have their organ
harvested for somebody else so somebody
has to die for you to get one you don’t
want to wish that on
anybody all the money raised from the
event is being donated to the Iowa donor
Network to support donor families

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