One Father Honors His Daughter’S Memory In Upcoming Donor Dash In Philadelphia

right honoring organ donors who give The
Ultimate Gift of Life they’ll be
celebrated in the upcoming donor Dash
among the runners will be a dad on a
special Mission Stephanie stall joins us
with more that’s right it is a special
Mission you guys this is about team
Eevee that is raising money and
awareness for the gift of Life Eevee was
tragically killed in an accident but her
memory lives
large lacing up David O’Brien is overrun
emotions running is something he did
with his daughter Eevee and it’s also
what killed her she got hit by a pickup
truck Eevee O’Brien was 18 at Penn State
about to start college she was full of
she we kid that she lived more in 18
years than most people live in their
entire lives it’s been 10 years since
the family lost their beloved Eevee time
has passed but the heartache lives on at
first you’re in shock and there’s anger
and you go through all the stages David
stopped running after Eevee died it was
just too painful but now to Mark the
decade he’s training again this is
perfect let’s let’s celebrate her life
um by getting out and running again
he’ll be running in the donor Dash that
celebrates organ donors Eevee was one of
those donors we know that people out
there um received her organs and so
hopefully it help them continue with
their life David and his family are now
involved with the gift of Life house
that helps support transplant families
well we didn’t actually cook we would
heat up they help with meals and Eevee
is also part of the threads of Love
Memorial quilt each patch represents a
donor recognized by Gift of Life and
these are words on E’s patch that the
family says best describes her beautiful
entertaining hilarious I her laughter I
mean she laughed and and life was good
turning loss and anguish into a
celebration of Eve’s life David’s back
to running again with his son Eve’s
brother to honor organ donors and their
precious gift of
life now there are currently 30 Runners
on team eeve for the donor Dash that is
coming up on April 28th we have more
information and how you can get involved
CBS very special family
special Mission there Legacy lives on
absolutely thank you great story

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