‘Now He Literally Has A Part Of Me.’ Brother Donates Part Of His Liver To Twin

During Donate Life month, a remarkable story from Bergen County shines a light on the profound bond between brothers. Despite residing 2,800 miles apart, Alan and Ethan Basos share a connection that transcends mere siblinghood. Born as twins, their relationship evolved into something akin to best friends, navigating life’s challenges together. When Ethan, now living in Englewood, faced liver disease, undergoing his first transplant in 2014, his journey was far from over. Nine years later, the need for another transplant arose, prompting a search for a suitable donor.

Amidst family testing, it became evident that Alan was a match for his twin brother. Initially hesitant to accept such a monumental gesture from Alan, Ethan weighed the implications carefully. However, on January 17, 2023, Ethan received the ultimate gift of brotherly love as Alan underwent surgery at New York Presbyterian Columbia University Irving Medical Center to donate a portion of his liver. This act of selflessness not only saved Ethan’s life but also deepened the bond between the brothers, fostering a connection unlike any other.

Following the successful transplant, Ethan returned to his role as an oncology nurse and pursued his passion for rock climbing, reveling in the newfound lease on life. The experience not only brought the brothers closer but also instilled a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation for the gift of life and brotherhood. Their story serves as a poignant reminder of the power of familial love and the remarkable impact of organ donation in transforming lives.

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