Nft Collapse Leaves Organ Patients Scrambling Nationwide

For over 40 years, the National Foundation for Transplants (NFT), based in Memphis, served as a crucial lifeline for people in need of organ donations across the country. However, this donation-based nonprofit has recently closed its doors due to rising costs and dwindling support. This sudden shutdown has left thousands of individuals who relied on NFT in a precarious position, scrambling to find alternative means to cover their transplant-related expenses.

Crystal and Gary Price are among those affected. Gary, who received a heart transplant in January, was initially relieved that the worst was behind them. However, they soon found themselves in a dire situation when they tried to access funds promised for essential expenses like rent, gas, food, and lodging. An abrupt email notification informed them that the foundation had closed, leaving them responsible for thousands of dollars in bills they had been assured would be covered. Crystal expressed her frustration, stating, “Angry shocked at first now we’re angry.”

Richard Ernest is another individual grappling with the fallout. Not only is her mother’s health deteriorating due to organ failure, but the closure of NFT has compounded their difficulties. Richard highlighted the lack of communication from the foundation, which has only informed them that the money raised was never truly theirs. She described the situation as “horrible,” adding that navigating her mother’s double lung transplant was challenging enough without the added financial strain caused by the foundation’s collapse.

The National Foundation for Transplants issued a statement to ABC 24, clarifying that all contributions were donated for the foundation’s discretionary use to support its mission and that no funds would be available for distribution. Local hospitals, such as Baptist and Le Bonheur, reassured the public that the closure would not impact their transplant procedures. However, for the affected individuals and families, the abrupt end of NFT’s services has created a significant and immediate financial burden, leaving them to seek alternative support amidst an already stressful time.

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