New Transplants Bring Hope For Knee Injuries

For athletes like Tatum Vet, a knee injury can sideline their passion for the game indefinitely. After enduring multiple surgeries and months of physical therapy following a devastating ACL and meniscus tear, Tatum found herself still struggling with persistent pain and limited mobility at just 22 years old. Seeking a solution, Tatum turned to Dr. Tim Wang, an orthopedic surgeon at Scripps Clinic, who proposed a unique approach to her treatment.

Dr. Wang performed two groundbreaking transplant surgeries on Tatum’s knee. In the first procedure, he utilized living cartilage and bone from a donor to replace damaged tissue, likening the process to patching a piece of drywall. This innovative technique allowed for the restoration of damaged cartilage and bone, providing Tatum with renewed stability and strength. The second surgery involved replacing Tatum’s medial meniscus with healthy tissue from a donor, further enhancing her recovery prospects.

Following rigorous physical therapy, Tatum experienced a remarkable transformation. She regained her strength and stability, enabling her to return to her beloved sport with newfound confidence. Now, back on the beach and riding the waves, Tatum’s story serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of knee transplants and the potential they hold for athletes seeking to reclaim their active lifestyles.

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