New Mexico Celebrates Organ Donors Following Record Year

Last year, New Mexico celebrated a record number of lives saved through organ donation, marking a significant achievement during National Donate Life Month. With 95 donors contributing to 241 transplants, the state highlighted the profound impact of organ donation. Despite this success, over 100,000 people in the United States are still waiting for life-saving transplants, including more than 600 in New Mexico.

A special event was held to honor these donors and recipients. Among those celebrated were 11 donors who lost their lives due to an overdose. One mother, whose son Addison donated his organs in 2021, shared how his decision saved three lives, including a man in California who received his heart and two New Mexicans who received his kidneys. These events, she noted, play a crucial role in the healing process for donor families by allowing them to meet the recipients and see the tangible impact of their loved one’s generosity.

Organizers emphasized that the potential to be a donor is not limited by age or health, and that the act of organ donation carries a lasting legacy. They encouraged everyone to consider signing up as organ donors, highlighting that even though only one in a thousand deaths occur in a manner that allows for organ donation, the decision to donate can profoundly transform many lives.

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