National Foundation For Transplants (Nft) Announces Closure After 41 Years Of Service


National Foundation For Transplants (Nft) Announces Closure After 41 Years Of Service - Transplant NewsThe National Foundation for Transplants (NFT), a longstanding pillar in the transplant support community, has declared the closure of its operations after 41 years of service.

In an announcement, NFT expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts with its community, spanning decades of service aimed at aiding transplant recipients and their families. However, the organization cited a confluence of economic challenges, including the post-pandemic financial strain, amplified by healthcare sector inflation and escalating operational expenses, as driving factors behind this difficult decision.

Throughout its tenure, NFT achieved remarkable milestones, raising a substantial $98 million, predominantly through peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives, and impacting the lives of over 6,400 individuals. Noteworthy achievements underscored the collective generosity and compassion of the community, with an annual influx of 380 new beneficiaries in the past decade and an average annual disbursement of $2 million in grants to alleviate transplant-related financial burdens.

Marcus Martinez, Chairman of NFT, expressed immense pride in the organization’s legacy and extended heartfelt appreciation to donors, partners, supporters, and volunteers for their unwavering commitment to NFT’s mission. As NFT prepares to conclude its operations, alternative resources and support services will be made available to ensure continued assistance for individuals in need.

The NFT has published a document addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this announcement. Click here to read the document.

The closure of NFT marks the end of an era, yet its enduring legacy will persist in the countless lives it has touched and the enduring impact it has left on the transplant community.

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