Man Plans To Run Wlky Parklands 5K In Hopes To Find A Kidney Donor

Greg Taylor has found a unique way to combine his passion for running with his urgent need for a kidney transplant. Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, Taylor’s life has been a continuous battle since his childhood, when he had one kidney removed at age five. Despite receiving a kidney transplant that lasted 16 years, his kidney eventually failed, leading him to start dialysis from home in January 2020. However, Taylor remains committed to his running routine, now using it as a platform to raise awareness about organ donation and find a potential donor.

Taylor wears a T-shirt with messages about kidney disease and organ donation every time he runs. These shirts, which read slogans like “Share Your Spare” and “Be a Hero, Be a Donor,” serve as conversation starters and raise awareness about the critical need for organ donors. He first gained attention wearing one of these shirts at the WLKY Parklands 5K in 2023, marking his first 5K while on the transplant list and with zero kidney function. Taylor plans to run the event again, continuing to spread his message.

His initiative highlights the importance of organ donation. Taylor emphasizes that the testing to become a donor is free and non-committal, yet it can save lives. By using his runs as a mobile billboard for organ donation, Taylor hopes to inspire others to consider becoming donors and to raise awareness about the many people waiting for life-saving transplants.

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