Local Mother Needs Sudden Heart Transplant

a young mother from Greece is fighting
for her life in strong hospital tonight
by all accounts Sydney palcio was a
healthy 32-year-old wife and mother but
last week she started having flu like
symptoms and within hours of going to
urgent care she was in total heart
failure she now needs a new heart or a
miracle news 10nbc investigative
reporter Jennifer Lui spoke with her
today Sydney pelucio is a wife a
daughter a sister and a mother she is
caring she is loving she’s a phenomenal
mother probably the best mother I know a
lot better than I ever was she loves her
family she loves her children at 32
years old Sydney has always been active
and fit ran a half marathon last year
her family says she’s the kind of person
you always want to be around like she
walks into a room and you just know
because the energy changes like she just
brings a light and joy with her
literally everywhere last week Sydney
started feeling sick with flu like
the busy mom of two pushed through but
after a few days her family convinced
her to go to an urgent care she was very
dehydrated uh her blood pressure was low
her heart rate was high they gave her
some fluids and uh she didn’t get any
better so they sent her to the hospital
that’s where she quickly learned this
was not the flu she’s in complete heart
failure she is on an ECMO which is a
machine that is pumping the blood for
her she has a device in her left
ventricle called an impella which is
emptying the blood from that ventricle
into her aorta that is keeping her alive
doctors told Sydney that had she not
gone to the Urgent Care when she did she
would have died at home she’s now lying
in a bed at Strong Hospital waiting for
a heart transplant she is in for the
fight of her life and she knows it and
she’s not ready to die her family has
flown in from across the country to stay
by her bedside and support her husband
and children when I spoke with them
outside of the hospital they told me
they’re sharing Sydney’s story as a
warning to other women and moms to
listen to your body and act as soon as
you can when you sense something is
wrong and I think she’s finding a lot of
just internal strength and she does not
want to die she wants to grow old with
her husband and her family and so she’s
she’s hellbent and very
determined just last month I did a story
with the heart transplant team at strong
hospital they performed 40 transplants
in 2023 the most ever in a single year
so Sydney is in the right place she just
has to wait and pray for the right match
in the meantime her family continues to
Rally around her they’ve set up a
GoFundMe to help her husband and
children with expenses we can link you
to that

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