Lives Saved And Forever Connected: Stone’S Story | Green Chair Donate Life Sit-In

Kaye we continue our special coverage of
the live connection of Ohio Gift of Life
green chair sit in tonight and I’ll tell
you what when planning for this year’s
event the names Corey and Sher folz came
up and we were just kind of keeping our
fingers crossed that they would be a
part of it they lost their Sunstone
three years ago and lived down state but
I’ll tell you what we couldn’t be more
honored to have them join us tonight
both of them here with us I have become
close with the two of you over the years
it’s now been three years years but
obviously making the trip Sher you start
this was obviously important for you
guys to be here yes um definitely so
because of of stone and and what we have
gone through but Stone donating as
organs and you know getting in touch
with his recipients and especially um
we’re in touch with two of them so that
means everything and we’re just hoping
to reach out and be able to get the rest
of them and get the word out as well as
far as the process is concerned it was
so important a year ago when you met
Scott and we were down there for that in
Delaware when that meeting happened but
you guys put letters together you
reached out to everybody talk to people
at home about the importance of making
that connection after the loss you guys
went through so being a parent that
loses a child your fear of the loss of
memories and remember and your son or
your daughter and we have this empty
spot of not being able to see more
memories created or special events being
able to meet a recipient and share their
memories and their special events uh
just this weekend we attended one of the
recipients Ashley she received his
kidney and we were able to attend her
wedding no kidding so those are warm
moments for us to be able to see and be
part of her special event talk me
through that just being there last
weekend what that meant for you it meant
everything cuz we felt Stone was a part
of the wedding and and I’ve been in um
touch with her mom um since 202
beginning of 22 when we finally realized
that um we had found her and we’ve kept
that connection and they invited us to
the wedding and we definitely were not
going to mess it you know the other
thing too and you guys have told us the
story before this is not just a life
connection this was lives connection
that stone made through this donation
correct correct just tissue donation
organ donation
cornas y it was great and then we’ve
also been able to bond as families for
the liver recipient Scott we send stuff
for his birthday he sends stuff back
even our daughter Jersey sends them a
box of Mike and IES because they have
that in common so it’s kind of families
join together and and we’re able to
continue memories and creating memories
together the life connection on so many
different levels well Sher and Cory it’s
so great to see both of you we
appreciate you taking part in the green
chair sit in and I also want to put out
there the IM stone fults foundation that
continues to go strong it does yes
please go to the website check it out
read Stone story absolutely both great
to see

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