Liver Transplant Recipient Gifted Dachshund For Her Make-A-Wish

time for some
shopping and the whole family’s coming
along hey shle Madrono wouldn’t have it
any other way definitely we’re very
family oriented from the ones who were
little camera shy yeah she’s really shy
to the ones who are anything but
shy everyone brings something to the
family and last
July Shirley found out how much she
needs the mall after suffering some kind
of emergency Shirley was rushed to
monroll Carol junor Children’s Hospital
at Vanderbilt she woke up in the ICU yes
did her family’s here for support as
Shirley shares what doctors told her
that I was going into a liver
rejection Shirley was about to go
through a liver transplant
and through it all that family was
always there they never stopped showing
up no matter how grumpy I was at the
hospital my brother-in-law bought me a
plushie that was from Vanderbilt’s gift
shop it was a Doxon that dox in has been
with me when I was getting every shot
every IV Shirley’s doing so much better
now but there’s something you should
know about this shopping
trip Tractor Supply and make a wish m
little Tennessee have partnered up to
get a gift for Shirley remember the
little stuff Doxon at the hospital
well this is Miss
Valentina oh
my surely meet
Valentina so adorable now another part
of the gift they has some swaddling
ability but she’s not going to outgrow
very quickly is a tractor supply
shopping spree I know she’s excited and
we’re so happy for her she’s something I
really wanted something I really love
absolutely adorable and so tiny she’s
never going to be alone or bored she
might just like you
might I’m here I’m walking I’m doing I’m
with my family so yeah thankful for that
welcome to a loving family Valentina I’m
vorest Sanders News Channel 5

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